Dubai’s Top Green Communities For Sustainable Lifestyle

Dubai’s Top Green Communities For Sustainable Lifestyle

Imagine residing in a serene sanctuary encircled by verdant surroundings. With an abundance of lush greenery in Dubai, your dream of owning a home in the middle of the outdoors is now accessible. Dubai offers an amazing and ecologically sound living experience with its many charming eco-friendly neighbourhoods.

Dubai's dedication to environmental sustainability is demonstrated by the cooperative efforts between the government and real estate firms. Many of the residential neighbourhoods have been transformed into lovely oases because of these persistent efforts. These communities are intended to promote an eco-friendly and healthy way of living and they are distinguished by large green areas, peaceful water features and community parks. Are you wondering which areas of Dubai are the greenest? Let's find out the green treasures of the emirate!


DAMAC Properties constructed the expansive, environmentally conscious neighbourhood known as DAMAC Hills, which covers 42 million square feet in Dubai. It provides opulent living in green surroundings with over 4,000 villas and apartments. Parks, sports facilities and shopping malls are examples of amenities. DAMAC Hills is dedicated to sustainability; as a result, it has approximately 60% less carbon footprint because it features water and energy-efficient housing, renewable energy sources and other characteristics. With an anticipated ROI of 7.26%, apartments range in price from AED 540k for studios to AED 1.5M for two-bedrooms. This neighbourhood has access to Al Qudra Road (D63), Sheikh Zayed Bin Hamadan Al Nahyan road and also less than 10 mins away from Dubai Studio City and Dubai Sports City.

2. Arabian Ranches

Emaar Properties developed Arabian Ranches in Dubai to provide the perfect fusion of luxury and serenity. With almost 4,000 villas and townhouses, this gated neighbourhood features Arabic and Mediterranean architectural designs surrounded by parks, lakes and ponds. Villas have an amazing ROI of 5.72% and cost between AED 3.5M for three-bedroom homes to AED 14.4M for six-bedroom homes. AED 242k can be allocated to a 3-bedroom villa rental every year, whilst AED 572k can be spent on a 6-bed property. Arabian Ranches, which is the best option for contemporary living and investment in Dubai, is a sought-after location with first-rate amenities, situated on Sheikh Zayed Bin Hamdan Al Nahyan Road.

3. Mirdif

Tucked away in the centre of Dubai, Mirdif is a bustling neighbourhood that skillfully combines modern conveniences with the peace and quiet of the outdoors. Its fascinating green spaces, such Mirdif Park and Uptown Mirdif Park, offer residents a welcome break from the city and make it a fantastic pet-friendly haven for families seeking a holistic living experience. Mirdif accommodates a wide spectrum of tastes with a diversified selection of 3 to 6-bedroom villas starting at AED 3.5M and an alluring Return on Investment (ROI) of 3.56%. Mirdif offers a quiet and unique area to live, whether renting an apartment or a house. Its ideal position on Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Road makes it simple to get to all the amenities you need, perfectly balancing urban convenience and unspoiled beauty.

4. Emirates Hills

Nestled among Dubai's gated neighbourhoods, Emirates Hills is a shining example of prosperity, with enormous golf courses, beautifully manicured gardens and the esteemed Address Montgomerie. Villas with private pools combine comfort and style in a refined manner. Pricing for a 3-bedroom house starts at AED 8 million, while rentals go up to AED 1.5 million for a large 6-bedroom home. The property features an impressive 3.27% return on investment. Its architecture, which was influenced by Beverly Hills, has an American feel to it and is enhanced by the breathtaking vistas of the Montgomerie Golf Club. Emirates Hills, located on Al Khamila Street, is a symbol of worldwide luxury. Covering 400 hectares, it offers round-the-clock security, top-notch services, and a close-knit community for over 7,500 people, offering a very pleasant living within greenery in one of the most beautiful places in the world.

5. Green Community

Situated in the heart of Dubai Investment Park, Green Community features luxurious townhouses and villas with three to six bedrooms, large living spaces, and vast gardens. It offers many housing alternatives, with average sales prices ranging from AED 3.4M to AED 7.1M. 3-bedroom villas can be rented for AED 282k, while 6-bedroom villas can cost AED 471k. Green Community Village, an environmentally conscious gated community, boasts a visually pleasing urban architecture with low-rise buildings and lots of parks and gardens. The convenient location on Jebel Ali – El Habib Road, Yalayis Street and close proximity to Abu Dhabi, it is a perfect alternative for commuters. A tranquil lifestyle in Dubai is offered to inhabitants of Green Community by expertly balancing comfort and environmental awareness.


The sustainable green neighbourhoods of DAMAC Hills, Arabian Ranches, Mirdif, Emirates Hills and Green Community are prime examples of opulent, environmentally responsible living within Dubai's dynamic nature. In addition to offering exceptional residences, these thoughtfully designed neighborhoods—with their lush surroundings, effective designs and impressive ROIs—signify Dubai's commitment to a harmonious blend of modernity and environmental responsibility, giving residents a distinctive and sustainable haven in the centre of the city.

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