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Top Must-Have Apps in Dubai for Comfortable Living

Living in the United Arab Emirates offers a smooth transition thanks to state-of-the-art technology. Since more than 90% of people have smartphones, using the best apps can help you have a seamless transition and a happy desert lifestyle in any of the seven emirates. For smooth living and travel, local smartphone apps are crucial, regardless of whether you're new to Dubai or are arranging a vacation. These applications make life in Dubai and other Emirates easier from grocery shopping to parking and trip planning. accessible on the App Store and Google Play in both Arabic and English.

Let's explore the best apps in Dubai simplifying your life and travel in Dubai and more.

1. Government Apps

UAE Pass

uae pass

The app is easy to use for citizens, residents and visitors due to its many features which include bill payment and visa applications. UAE PASS is ground-breaking because it gives users access to more than 6,000 government services with unmatched efficiency.

It is simple to sign up for UAE PASS; all users need to do is create an account and submit to facial recognition technology. While nationals and residents confirm their contact data and Emirates ID, tourists can quickly enter their passport details. After completing the registration process, users can access a wide range of services that improve the usability and accessibility of transactions involving the government for all users.

With only one mobile login, you can access all government websites and services by using the UAE Pass app. The app will help you with a number of tasks, including applying for or renewing visas and paying utility bills to organisations like Emirates Post and Etihad Water & Electricity. Please note that in order to use this practical and time-saving app, you need to have a valid Emirates ID.

Dubai Police App

With its ability to provide drivers with real-time updates on accidents and traffic bottlenecks as well as alternate routes during rush hour, the Dubai Police app is an indispensable tool. The 'Drive Mode' function of the app helps parents who have daily commutes and school runs by providing traffic updates. More than 125 services it offers in six languages is the option to report accidents online without visiting a police station. The app offers security services such as visitor security, police eye and home security.

2. Healthcare Apps in Dubai


dubai health authority

The Dubai Health Authority's official app, DHA App gives locals access to extensive information about medical services. In addition to booking doctor appointments, viewing test results, registering as blood donors and accessing doctor video consultations, users can also find neighbouring facilities. The application also makes it simpler to get certificates, retrieve test results and schedule COVID-19 testing and vaccines. Either the DHA or UAE PASS can be used for registration.


In an initiative to stop the infection from spreading, the app assists in locating individuals who have been in close contact with verified COVID-19 cases. Together with test results accessibility and a health colour-coding system that identifies and permits people free of COVID-19 to enter public areas, it also gives locals access to these resources.

3. Apps To Order Food In Dubai

This list of the greatest and most dependable food delivery apps in Dubai is invaluable, regardless of your cravings—chickpea omelettes or any other delectable dish. It helps you choose the best alternative, compare pricing and keep track of your orders by highlighting special features and providing a competitive comparison of other apps.


Talabat, a premier, dependable, and reasonably priced food ordering app in Dubai, has been a market leader for a considerable amount of time because to its knowledgeable staff, first-rate customer service, and effective order fulfilment. Through Talabat, Emiratis around the United Arab Emirates (UAE) can receive outstanding services.

With just a click, users can place orders from a variety of neighbourhood food hubs, browse different cuisines, and pay with a debit card or COD using the app. In addition, it provides a guest checkout option and keeps track of past orders for simple restocking. Order processing and delivery are made fast and easy using Talabat's user-friendly delivery and restaurant panels.

Careem (Uber Eats)


Since its founding in 2012 and Uber's acquisition of Careem in 2020, one of the greatest meal delivery applications in Dubai, the company has seen tremendous growth and popularity in the Middle East. With the app, customers can easily reorder their favourite meals and keep track of their orders in real-time.

Users can save money by viewing a special page that features a variety of discounts and promotions, with a minimum delivery price of AED 7. Careem has an extensive menu that includes anything from fast food to traditional Emirati foods. It also has a special search engine that allows customers to select meals based on components.

Noon Food

noon food

In the UAE, Noon Food is a well-liked app for ordering takeaway that is renowned for its simple payment options and open pricing schedule. Noon Food, which serves Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, and Dubai, became well-known for its distinctive "Good Morning Mode." With notifications given via text message via the app, this silent delivery technique guarantees that food is delivered between 5 and 9 am, avoiding direct communication between the consumer and the delivery person.


Deliveroo began operations in the United Arab Emirates in 2015 and is available in North Sharjah, Al-Ain, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, and Ajman. Your area determines the cost of shipping. The company delivers food in an average of 32 minutes and partners with the greatest eateries. You will receive AED 30 (USD 8) in compensation if your order is delayed within the following 24 hours. You may view the closest restaurants that accept orders and register your address after installing the Deliveroo app.

4. Dubai Discount apps



Groupon is another well-liked bargain app in Dubai with a large following thanks to its attractive offers on a variety of activities. Groupon has anything from luxurious spa packages, camping equipment, and gym memberships to vacations inside and outside of the United Arab Emirates. Discounts are available for users on desert excursions, skydiving and zip-lining. Convenience is guaranteed as the app lets you look for bargains based on where you are. Read the fine print carefully because some deals have time restrictions. You may obtain deals on gifts, restaurants, travel, home services, cosmetics and much more with Groupon. These discounts are available for both domestic and foreign travel.


The top discount app in Dubai is called Cobone and it offers significant discounts on a range of activities and services such as dining establishments, salons, spas, accommodations and more. This app portal offers vouchers that allow users to receive discounts of up to 90%. For the purpose of locating discounts nearby, the app also includes a map. If you want to save a tonne of money on restaurants, spas, gyms, lodging, activities, wellness services, parks, and other attractions, Cobone is the place to go. This applies to both staycations and those seeking for modern dining options.


Foodies frequently use Repeat, a coupon software known as "The Ultimate Food App." The restaurants that users prefer can provide them "unlimited rewards" that can be applied directly to their bills. Geo-targeting features and tailored recommendations help you narrow down your options. Repeat provides online coupons for restaurants, quick food franchises and well-known establishments along with easy and secure payment options.

Smiles By Etisalat

With a tonne of bargains, discounts, and exclusive offers, the Smiles UAE app from Etisalat is one of the best discount apps in Dubai. Smiles UAE takes care of all your needs whether they are eating out, grocery shopping, purchasing movie tickets or changing your clothes. Take advantage of savings on movies, cafes, restaurants, theme parks, wellness centres, travel packages, groceries and shopping, as well as cashback and buy one, get one free offer.

5. Grocery Apps in Dubai

In the fast-paced city of Dubai, having groceries delivered to your house is a genuinely novel experience. Embrace the comfort of shopping for your weekly necessities without having to contend with sweltering temperatures or crowded markets. The abundance of food delivery applications accessible now makes it simple for residents to shop online for their pantry needs.

Fresh To Home

In Dubai, people frequently order chicken, fish, beef, and organic fruits and vegetables from Fresh to Home. Ordering fresh food is easy with its user-friendly app; just select the photo of the item you want and place your order. Seafood lovers love Fresh To Home because it guarantees access to the freshest catch. Also, customers have simple access to it through LuLu Hypermarket and Amazon Fresh.



When it was first launched in 2015, Instashop only catered to the Dubai Marina area. It is still one of the most popular grocery shopping applications in Dubai, having grown over time to cover a sizable chunk of Dubai and beyond. This adaptable service provides anything from routine shopping to organic food, games, toys, pet supplies, and cosmetics, meeting a range of demands.

The shopping experience is made easier by its user-friendly interface: just enter your address, pick from local supermarkets, choose your things, and choose whether to pay with cash or a credit card when they are delivered. With normal delivery durations of between thirty and forty-five minutes, Instashop provides a practical substitute for conventional grocery shopping.


If you love fresh food, Kibsons is the app to use. It provides an extensive array of global product selections including an assortment of organic vegetable options. Kibsons is distinguished by its commitment to ecological sustainability and their use of eco-friendly packaging for deliveries, such as cartons rather than plastic bags. Customers can also take advantage of the extra bonus of free delivery on orders over AED 30. Customers looking for high-quality items delivered right to their door by emphasising freshness, variety and environmentally friendly methods.

6. Apps To Get Around Dubai

Thanks to its effective cab service, getting to Dubai has become easier and more convenient. The days of hailing a cab with a signal are long gone; these days, all it takes is a tap on your phone to launch the appropriate app and be on your way to your destination quickly. In addition, there are specialised taxis available at Dubai Airports so that visitors can move smoothly to their lodging or subsequent trips.


careem taxi

The Careem app must be downloaded in order to use taxi services in Dubai without difficulty. By utilising this app, customers can reserve Hala Taxis for local travel inside Dubai or plan inter-city journeys throughout the Emirates, giving them access to a wide range of cars. Travellers may select their chosen vehicle type and compute rates based on waiting time and distance travelled with the Careem app, which is available for both iOS and Android devices, this will streamline the booking process. When it comes to taxi services, Careem guarantees dependability and convenience whether you're travelling great distances or commuting within the city.


When it comes to affordable transportation in Dubai, Hala Taxi is a dependable choice. Hala Taxi is accessible via the Careem app along with other car options, giving customers the freedom to decide on the pick-up and drop-off locations they want as well as a regular car or van. To schedule a Hala Taxi, just select the "Hala Taxi" option in the Careem app, which is available on iOS and Android smartphones.​ It charges Dhs1.91 per kilometre travelled, with a beginning rate of Dhs8, a minimum fare of Dhs12, and other fees.


With operations in an astounding 10,000 cities across 71 countries, Uber hardly requires an introduction. Through its user-friendly smartphone app, which is compatible with both Android and iOS, travellers can quickly choose their location, get an estimate of the cost before confirming their reservation, and even plan journeys up to 30 days ahead of time. Uber is different in that it has a fixed fare, which could make it a more cost-effective choice for lengthier journeys. Uber offers a reliable and useful way to get around, even if you've never travelled or lived in a city before.


shail rta

For easy navigation throughout Dubai, the RTA-developed S'hail app is a must-have travel companion. Users may schedule trips using all public transportation options, reserve taxis, and even rent cars with an all-inclusive mobility solution. An interactive map with real-time traffic updates, bus and subway arrival and departure schedules, and details on potential delays or detours is available on the app. In order to promote a secure and connected travel experience S'hail also allows users to communicate their current location in real time with friends and family. The best part is that using the app is completely free; the only expenses are related to travel fees.

7. Buy and Sell Used Products


The buying and selling of a variety of goods, such as electronics, employment, furniture, real estate, cars, and more, is made easier by using Dubizzle. This enables users to meet a range of needs and interests by buying and selling a large variety of secondhand things. Customers can find what they're looking for quickly and merchants may post their goods with ease because of the user-friendly design and abundance of categories. Due to its focus on regional markets, mobile friendliness, and secure transactions, Dubizzle makes sense for people in the Middle East.

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